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Folks tell me I have somethin’ to write about

May 28, 2012

Gettin’ the itch to get back on the road and wander abit.  Found a purdee peaceful place up Portland way for a spell, but overstayed it abit too long. It was jist the kinda place a vagabond can get real comfortable in.  Just a little shack tucked into the forest soes a noone kin really see yur comins and goins.  Woulda stayed a might longer too if’n I hadn’t run into some trouble with one of them invasive city slicker species.  Some folks shore know how to distrupt a feller’s life and don’t think twice about intruding.  I guess rightly tho, that’s what keeps me a vagabond.  Movin and keepin out of the way from folks who  too busy to watch where they’re goin in their own life so they end up tramplin all over others.   If ya think about it,  folks like me that get to wander, are really the one’s who never git lost.

Vagabond Ted

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