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"May the Kindness you receive Grow in Relation to the Kindness U showOthers"

May 29, 2012

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“May the Kindness You Receive Grow in Relation to the
Kindness U Show Others”.

Joe & Max here are loners kinda like me an my old gal. They’ll sit fer hours without talkin ta folks, and whin Joe does git aisked ta talk, he’s purdee quiet still an always polite enuf about it. Once ya gits past the sadness that keeps a shiftin from his talkin to his eyes an back agin, ya begin ta realize his only real problem comes from the same place where most ordinary folks problems a come from. He taint never had nobody in his world that ever rightly cared. Parents were a couple of no good deadbeats with the usual solution ta all their problems bein take it out on the kids. When they felt liek they couldn’t git enuf taken out, they’d jist have sum more kids an take it out even harder an more often on the whole batch of ’em! Joe bein the smallest an youngest of his siblings, got the worst of the takin out beatings, soes he up an left whin he couldnt take it no more and was old enuf ta venture out in the world. That was 10 years ago whin he was twelve. In a way, I’m kinda proud of him. At least he’s still here with us, an’ even with the less than fair shake of a start, he has a real good dose of Vagabond dignity an’ follers the rules of respectible vagabondism purdee well. He won’t look folks in the eye till they acknowledges it’s ok, he won’t reach out an touch one uv ewe more respectin’ persons, or approach strangers an beg, and number one rule of livin a wanderin life, he shore don’t steal from feller vagabonds whin they dew finally close their eyes an sleep abit. He also treats Max here bedder than most ordinary folks treat their own kids an’ a whole might bedder than he was ever a treated. Sees, the kids from the streets that actually make it ta grown up in spite of havin no love ever a thrown their way, make real shure the ones who stick by em and help em survive ta grow up, not ONLY git all the love thats dew their way, they gives em a double dose by addin all that luv Joe an all the kid Vagonbonds had dew ta them as youngers. Yup, Joe makes real shure Max here gits an AMAZIN amount of love!

Vagabond Ted

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