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Storm a Brewin

July 19, 2012

Photo uv a Speciul Place contributid by a Special Friend

Sumtimes along the trail, even a vagabond caravan hasta stop fer an unexpected emerguncy, circle the carts, and suspend the journey ta figure out what ta do fer someone along the road in a worse situation than the caravan. When the scoutin expeditun (yes, evun vagabonds have enemies an hafta send out patrols to scout the perils that lie ahead) was a couple days ahead the uther day, they ran inta a feller who jist that instant got put ouwt by his family an didn’t evun knowed it. Now, ewe’awls may think that’s a purdee mean spirited thing ta dew an cain’t happen nun very often, an ewe is partially right. It’s very mean spiritid ta put yer own kind ouwt on these mean streets, especiully when it’s yer blood kin an a son, but it happens a lot moor often than Fouwks liek ewe would ever imagine, and it happens evun in some uv those neighborhoods that are so speciul they gots speciul welcomin signs with speciul guard statiuns setup ta guard the signs that direct ya ta whare ya turn ta go inta the private streets whare vagabonds taint welcome ta roam….

Now maybe ewe alls can help me with sumpthin I never been able ta figure ouwt? Jist how dew those fouwk that live in those fancee neighborhoods way ouwt thare with all those guard statiuns right next ta their fancy signs announin ewe alls is welcome ta that fancy neighboorhood whare vagabonds taint welcome ta roam, think they’s is safer thare than on regular streets where at least yur neighboorhood vagabonds is a watchin yur house as they inspect ta make shore all yer recollectables is in the right recollectable bin and git recollected every night? Especiully considerin those guard statiuns tain’t never evun finished an never even have securitee Fouwks a’stationed at the station? Ewe’d think with all those fouwk collaboratin enuf ta have color coordinated houses an landscapin, an have thare own communistic all kin swim, swimmin’ holes an meetin parlours, they’d be able ta coordinate enuf, an have enuf money ta finish the fancy guard stations guardin those fancy signs an have a guard posted thar ta dew the guardin. I just cain’t imagin how livin in a place whare ewe kin see thar’s no guards in the guardhouse, an ewe knows vagabonds taint allowed ta roam the streets an recollect the recollectibles, is safer than whare vagabonds is guardin yer house fer free while they dew the recollectin?

I’m guessing those Fouwks in those minee McMansiuns have a figured it ouwt too they taint that safe thar since most uv em hafta add in those fancee electronimatic securitee systems that calls the guards that taint in the guard statiuns when ewes fergit yer keys. Guess when it comes ta feelin safe, ewe cain’t collaborate enuf.

Anyways, Gill wasn’t frum one uv those minee McMansiuns, and shore wasn’t frum one uv those gated communities with no gates an unfinished guardhouses guardin roads on which vagabonds taint allowed ta roam. No sir, Gill was frum the same kinda place I was from, one of those old communities that taint evun considered a community since its sittin on the wrong side uv the tracks. That is until the kids that were raised in those fancy gated communities with the unfinished guardhouses guardin the streets whare vagabonds taint allowed ta roam grows up an decides ta move to the wrong side uv the tracks cuz they is cozier homes an closer ta more intristin things, and they liek havin vagabonds watchin the neighborhood as they ensure yur recollectibles is recollected. Heck, then they evun starts callin it a fancee community name liek Hawthorne Leghorn Community or Taward Seawards Stool. Im guessin that makes em feel kinda liek thare back home.

It also don’t matter much ta them that they displaced the kinda Fouwks that raise the kind uv kids like Gill seeins they was from the wrong side uv the tracks bafore they moved it to the right side uv the tracks by givin it a new name and movin there. They dont think they raised those kids right anyway. Guessin that makes it justifiable to their own minds since they hadta give up their Unfinished guard houses ta right that wrong sided community back to the right. Soes now when kids liek Gill git put out from their Fouwks displaced apartments, they don’t evun have the old neighbors ta go to in the old neighborhoods that always made shore ta watch out fer all the neighborhood kids evun those they never evun had unfinished guard houses ta watch from.

Bein from the wrong side uv the tracks myself an knowin fresh what it’s liek ta be put out, I stopped everything dead in the tracks uv my caravan fer a couple of days whin I saw Gill standin thare cryin at a whey statiun out on that scoutin day an heard what he had jist been thru. He was hurtin so bad, I betcha ewe woulda evun stopped to, tho maybe not the full couple of days.

Gill was real happy he ran inta a writtin vagabond an was purdee excited ta tell his storee, soes he really opened up. I shore hope I dew it justice here and gits it complete sincen Gill hadta up an run ta avoid a posse bafore he could finish tellin it. It really is a storee that needs ta be told. And heard……..

Vagabond Ted

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