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Air Jordan

September 3, 2012
Hay Ya’awl

Air Jordan,
back down to Earth.

Wa’ell, I guess if ima gonna screw sumpthin up and delete one uv my storees, I should be thankful it was one with mostly pictures and knot allot uv writtin.  I know, I know, Ewe’awl is thinkin that’s prolly a guud thing, cause readin sum uv this hare stuff taint always easy if’n ya ain’t from the hills jist outside uv somewhare close ta noWhare.  Now Ima gonna throw in one uv them thare caviarettes and say anything that’s worth readin taint easy, soes  ya’awl should jist buck up and commit yerselves, soes ewe kin follow along properly!

Fer ewe fouwks that keep pressin me, I’ll let ya in on a secrit I was savin to announce fer graduation.  See, I sent inta one uv them thare correspondin writin school classes whare ya send in yer handwrittin and they analyze it and tell ya if’n ewe is gonna be a genius er knot, but I think they dun musta lost my applicatiun.  It was back when I was a kid soes I’ve dun lost the bubble gum wrapper with the name and address uv the school.  If any uv ewes happened ta take that handwrittin correspond-dense class, tell’em ta send me my packet soes ya douw’nt hafta keep puttin up with my bad writtin.  Anyway, here’s the storee as best as I can recollect.

Lets see, now where was I…..  Yup, I was walkin down a busy city street when sumpthin came blazin over and told me ta slow down, look down, and tell the world what I was see’in. Wa’ell, naturally a wonderin who it twas lookin over my shoulder and talkin ta me, I glanced around ta see, low and behold, no Body, was thare. When I took that thare hint that had jist thundered down upon me quicker than a lightin bolt, and jumped otta my drawers turnin around, I absolutely immediately without hestitatiun, looked down.  Thare he was a lyin in that cubby hole, Air Jordan…..

Soes that was purdee much the storee and the pictures balow kinda speak the rest.  He also has a couple follow up mentiuns in sum current storees and last I herd is still strugglin to make his way back up the hill to the Derailed Vagabond  Resort Hotel and Deference Center so stayed tuned…..

 In the reel mean time and not the grenich, kin I aisk Ewe ta dew all us Vagabonds a favor?  Instead uv jist parusin thru this time, take sum time, click on this link, and reely OPEN those eyes ta see…. Air Jordan

Vagabond Ted

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