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Day Kare

September 4, 2012
Need ta apologize ta Kathy hare.

Meet Kathy and Klayton

Almost dun forgot ta post this from up Seattle way a few weeks back, but I called her and she’s still ouwt thare in her spot a lookin fer work.  Kathy hare is Klayton’s (yassir, that’s the proper spellin) Mom an has been lookin fer steady work since she moved ta the Emerald City from Floriday.  I know some of ewes is prolly lookin at the picture an wonderin why she did’unt stay put in Floriday with all that sunny weather an bein close ta kin fouwk with a new baby an all, instead uv bein homeless in rainy Seattle but some uv ewes may not never been ta Florida nor may knot have any kin fouwk thare.  Since’n I have an dew, I reckon  I kin explain it some…

Floriday may have all that warmth an sunshine but it also git’s as much rain as Seattle so over the past twenty years or so it’s daveloped a purdee perplexin relative humiditee problem.  Seems with global warmin, an all those Northerners retirin as Southerners an anxious ta shed their cold weather coats and hats, fouwks have been a bakin their brains ouwt down thare.  Now Kathy’s kin bein natives an all knowed about the sun, but when ya live in the trailers next ta the backwaters an listen to that preacher that lieks ta stir up trouble bout everybodys business cept his own, ya kin still have weather problems.  Seems some of Kathy’s elder bruthers, couzins and uncles got ta balievin that wrong-righteous reverund an don’t think two women should raise a son evun if’n it is one uv thare own.  Prolly taint a coincidence nun either that the relatives with the highest humiditee problem did’unt knowed they wasn’t supposed ta sleep with their own kin fouwk, speciully the ones under 16, so Kathy hare did what any new Mom with too many backwater male elders would dew.  She moved.  Sometimes livin on the streets evun with yer kids is bedder than the nearist altar native. 

Relative humiditee mixed in with a dose uv jist plain ole stupiditee is a might complex problem fer most Vagabonds includin yours truly, is prolly the most common dehumanator fer us bein ouwt on the streets, but it taint by far the most pressin problem.   Gettin fouwks ta understand us and see us is what is. 

Take Kathy here.  Now, ewe’d think a Mother and new born baby would git a bit uv respect with a sign like that an maybe enuf dollars ta keep a roof over his little head while she waits another year fer a housing unit ta open up, but ya wanna know what she gits more uv?  Folks who criticize her fer exploitin that child ta stand thare an aisk for money!  Nope, I could’unt balieve it neither!  In Seattle? Whare all those techn-owl-a gee smarties, Bookworms and sneaker importers gather tagether after work with the finkiest (er is that funkiest, nope finickiest) con-e-sewers of fancee coffees ta show each uther how much taste they kin buy with their money?   I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the tourists off the boats er jist the folks who never learned howta look upta people so they always look down on fouwks, or people that jist assume thare’s a Vagabond company daycare somewhare ta leave yer kids bahind when yer ouwt thare beggin ta survive.  Ewe’d think the folks with jobs would know bedder.  Ewe’d think.

BTW,  Kathy has 12 years painting experience, interior, exterior and commercial, while her partner who’s helping her raise Klayton here, grooms pets and cleans houses.  If any of ewes readin this hare blog knows any of those techn-owl-a-gee smartee, bookworm readin, jogging coffee drinkers in Seattle who are way too busy ta see Kathy and Klayton standing here, PLEASE, PLEASE pass this contact info along.  I’m assumin with all that busyness goin on in their lives, their pets or home could prolly use some sprucing up.    Kathy approved me passin this along, and I’m sure she’d be tickled pink if someone had some work for her and called.  I’m sure Klayton would be too if ya tickled him.

Kathy – Everspring Inn 206.789.1888, Vagabond Presidential Suite #303

Vagabond Ted

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