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Christopher Wishing

October 20, 2012

Sumtimes the storees from the streets kin be kinda happy if not downright inspiring.  Walkin the streets one night in Anytown, USuvA, I ran inta a feller who aisked if I had anything ta drink.  Wa’ell it jist so happened I had stopped at a bowtique Distilleryw up the hill aways (don’t worry, it was thu legal kind), and bought a bottle uv their finest vodka (actchully two but douw’nt tell Christopher).  Soes, bein the friendly sort an jist a visitor, an knot wantin’ ta lie to a feller Vagabond, I told him I shore did, popped the cork (told ya it was bowtique), and shared a swig.

Wa’ell one swig ledta two and anuther, an we started walkin and a’talkin and a’swiggin and bafore we  knowed it, we had talked an swigged the night away (if’n stumblin counts as walkin throw walkin in thare too :-).    See this feller was no ordinary street fouwk, or on second thought maybe he jist was.  This feller’s name is Christopher Wishing and if ya aisk him his perfessiun, he’ll tell ya he’s a street poet.  I’ll share with ya a little Vagabond secret: he’s liek most uv my fellow Vagabond friends an a’bit moor modest than Ewe’awl would suspect er ever be.  If’n he was ta run in the lieks uv my old circles,  he’d be professor uv, if not Dean uv Philosophy at sum major Universitee sumwhare.  I was awed and humbled by him all night, jist tryin ta keep up with his wisdom an insight and it made me studder, shudder and have a realizatiun.  If Plato, Socrates, Nietsche, er evun Jung were alive taday, why they’d prolly be roamin the streets too.  See’in in taday’s societee, we kinda put the odd man ouwt, literally.  Soes the lieks of fellers liek Plato an Socrates, and shorely Jung, would be ouwt walkin the streets with Mr. Wishing hare too….

Wa’ell alls i kin say is this.  This feller shore would be in good company taday if’n his peers were around, and I shore was honored ta spend a night with him an not hafta pay moor than some bowtique vodka swigs.   Those poor rich kids in all those high payin Philosphee Departments shore is missing ouwt tho.

Vagabond Ted

Enuf uv an introduction.  Here’s a couple from my favoritee street poet
Christopher Wishing:

Too Much

Is it Too Late

So much time has passed.
We’ve come far from pain.
I want to be feeling lover,
Forgiving the foreign stain;
An alien to what we amassed.
Yes, I need you, come closer.
May I hold your sweetness?
May I come near, and taste
Love bared open; a hostess
Giving on and on… Closer,
Reach out to touch the need
That lasts on and on; caring
For the desire to be sharing
Old and new life, feathering
On and on, feasting on love.
May I tell you of my vision?
As I have no fear or derision.
Come closer, I want your touch.
Touching you casts a pervasive
Spell;  that invades my dreams
And I dream of bein persuasive.
That I may show just how strong
This feeling carries me on and on,
From: dreams to lasting so long…
Holding you closer, in love on and on
So, fortunately for me, loves feast…
Feeds on and on, closer in what’s strong,
The thoughts of where we belong…
Here, rising on and on…
March 2012 
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