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October 26, 2012

Hay Ya’awl,

Home is Whare the Heart is an
thare’s a Strong One Hare!

Whin I started this experamint with writin abouwt my friends, I thought I’d hafta really search ta find material and stuffta tauwk abouwt, but it shore opened up a waterfall an stuffta tauwk abouwt has jist ben a’cascadin around me weather I’m lookin fer it er knot.  I was jist ouwt walkin the uther day ta git my bareings an all, an I happened too close upon a conversatiun.  Hare these fouwks were jist a spittin out Vagabond wisdom an I jist stumbled right inta it.

Wa’ell, I also knows the title is supposed ta bee creative an attract yer attentiun, but sumtimes it’s jist what the storee is.  This hare storee is about Nada.  Nada is her name, and almost nada is what she has materially, but she shore makes up fer it in Grit!  I aisked her if’n I could try sumpthin abit differint an jist record what she was a sayin and she shore was OK with it.  Mind ewe, it tain’t fer a younger’s ears soes if’n Ewe is under that Parental Advisory, close yer ears.

See, Nada here was talkin ta her friend about what it’s like ta be 97 pounds and purdee when Ewe is livin on the streets.  Folks tenda mistake her an think she’s on drugs, er sellin herself, er jist a thare fer the takin, but I gots Knews fer Ewe.  She ain’t none uv that.  She’s tough, she’s smart, and yeah she’s reel purdee, but she douwn’t take no bullyin er pushin around.  Yeah she’s homeless, wa’ell almost.  Sum uv Ewes may count a van as knot bein homeless but whin ya run otta gas an tain’t whare ya should be parked, ewe kin become homeless purdee quick.  Tain’t easy ta raise the muney ta git it ouwt fer sleepin again neither.  If ya see Nada’s home parked round yer neck-uv-the-woods, I’d advise ya ta leave it and her alone.  She daserves it, taikes care uv it, an it keeps her safe from the street urchins that tain’t man enuf ta be Vagabonds that think she is a druggie or easy to take her ta sumwhare she douwn’t wanna go.  I’ll tell ya this.  Ewe douwn’t wanna be the one ta try an take her thare.  Parental Advisory dun given, enuf said.

Vagabond Ted

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