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Tranquility & Safe Harbor from Others’ Insanity

November 14, 2012

Hay Ya’awl,


This is the final time I’ll usurp the storee line from my Vagabond friends to write about me.  I’ve just cast my past out to sea.

There still appears to be a great deal of brain dead Stupidity, Illiteracy, and especially self righteous Hypocrisy,

In  the hills of Wisconsin, Minnesota,  Ioway, Floriduh! and Especially,

 Across the pond in the Motherland of all three,
as well as the originator of Mutiny,
The completely unGreat Brittany.

In a final effort to cleanse myself of all of thee, 
and maybe to help what’s left of Humanity,
avoid your sorry ass Impropriety,

I write my last Epitaph and curse upon yee, 
for all the world to see:

Vagabond Ted

Sonje Blue!

I’m at my writing place, and doing my warm up exercises before I start so I’m going to reply to your last email with my final reply…. (edited so the Stooge who killed Blue, masquerading as Mickey Mouse on a Disney Cruise kin show it ta’awl his G rated passengers).

I’m done with my past.   Not one person has stepped forward in over 6 months to acknowledge who paid that parasitic leech named Curtis Brown to infest my couch, hold me hostage and mind@%*$ me for a month after they didn’t have the courage, self respect, decency nor dignity to tell me they killed Blue in their botched dog-napping attempt!

NOT ONE PERSON from my closest friends and family members has stepped forward, yet each individual in that *^*&$%(*&%&#*%*
; knew about it.
 I’ve thus moved on.  Its as simple as that.

 Sonje Blue!

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