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Milkcrate Sittin – A Vagabond Anti-Movement Violation

February 7, 2013
Hello Everyone,
Been doin some correspon-dense school work.  Waddya think uv my progress from my new schoolin fer grammar and spellin, and creatin that new greetin and all?  Yup, the teacher’s purdee downwrite impressed too!  I’ll keep a learnin reel quick soes ewe’awl kin start readin jist a bit easier…

Vagabonds Beware
2 Year sentence handed down fer not seein the sign!

But in these reel pressin meantimes, I gotta  short story here ta share, at the same time I got anna-nouncemint ta make.

The Storee anna-Noucemint:  After a very tryin and difficult 10 months on the run protectin my only survivin dog from the low-life vermin bahind the low life couch infestatiun leech, while also attemptin ta git those low-life vermin out from that thare leech’s stanky bahind and take a step forward from his butt ta no avail, I dacided I needed a place uv restitude ta once again call and rename my home….

Now mind Ewe, it’s a purdee old place close ta over twice as old as me and then sum, so she’s as solid as any can withstand, butt with all those low life vermin still a hiddin in the leech’s bahind, I cain’t fer shore hang my hat up ta dry jist yet.  Least prolly knot fer as long as I’d comfertably like to.  Soes I’m makin this announcemint with jist a bit uv fanfare, alotta swellfull pride, while withholdin my natural hestitatiun.  I’m gonna take a short bit uv a Vagabond hiatus, and once again join the ranks uv the Homed!  

At least temporarily, to tryta rebuild my life with sum meaning, for me.  Now I knowed I mean sumpthin ta awl one er two uv ewe Loyal Reeders, but without alittle sumpthin moor in a feller’s life than yer Loyalty readin bout my writin about my friends, the world gits ta bea kinda disparaging, desolate place.  Speciully when those low life vermin butt creatures are still ouwt thare hiddin in that thare leech’s butt!

Soes as all Ewe always comfortably Homed already dun knowed, what comes unnaturally and short term very unexpectedly uneconomically, yet hopefully transcends inta sumpthin long term opportunistic capitalistically, always comes along with the territory of an announcemint like this.  Therefore, I’ma gonna be reel busy workin anda spendin on upkeepin in the daze and months ahead!  Now, it takes moor than the last purdee penny a Vagabond doesn’t have ta turn a 100 and twenty-something year old, very odd house inta a new Vagabonds Castle, soes I need ta opportunistically raise sum substantially purdee pennies.

Therefore and thus basides all the bloggin and book writin responsibilites, I’ll now be busy liquadatin all past holding ons, buryin moor past infidels relatively speaking, and dismissin from my mind as best as one can possibly, the residual impacts and scars left by itty bitty low-life, scum sucking leeches and their butt hiders.  I’ll instead bea focusin on rehabin this old runned down, deliberately secritly targeted ta be gunned down, structure once again, hopefully for the last time, from scratch. This old house is gonna need a bit uv work provided from that strucure too!

So what does that all mean ta all one er two uv Ewe longtime Loyal Reeders?  Wa’ell,,,, I still hava whole lotta catchin up storees ta dew, plus I’m still plannin that Memorial March ta Miami after Andrew, where I’m shore ta catch up with all sorts of my old Vagabond friends along the way.  I’m lookin forward ta that late spring or early summer and like always, I’ll git ta now ’em well enuf ta take in and relate, their Vagabond storees, to Ewe.

 With all those ta’dews as well as some I-aint-agonna-tell-yas, I’m also announcin some assistance and storee aids ta keep getting Ewe’awl moor familiarized with my friends.  I’ve added a brand new section right over thare and as always way above the usually wrong, but always self-righteous right, fer my Substitute Teachers storee tellin space.  I’m linking that very same and first reel fine storee left here, thus as always left,,,,  very, very, well….Milkcrate Sittin – A Vagabond anti-movemint Violation

Ewe’awl kin paruse thru it at yer usually leisurely, cursive fast pace.

I’ll be addin alot moor uv these substitutiuns during my renovatin and resettlin daze, and I ashore Ewe, all storees will be uv the same high qualitee and standards uv mine Ewe’ve come all the way ta here ta  waiver upon and suspect, and thus reel, REAL good storees.   If’n they weren’t, why I wood’unt put em thare in the first place and expect em ta hold up as substitutiuns fer my teachins!   I have allot moor integrity than ta try ta pull sumpthin cheap and cheesy like that thare old Airea’ Huffin n’ a’ Puffin post mortem did when she learned howta blog instead of jist learnin ta talk!

Soes please, PLEASE read em and give em at least the respect Ewe’d expect ta give ta someone like me, if not a whole lot moor.  Heck, since they’re volunteerin ta substitute without recognitiun, and they don’t evun knowed it, so wood shorely never recognize that it’s me volunteerin their substituting, Ima gonna ask ya’awl a favor and ta git bold and aggressive.  Take a stance outside uv the one track usually in yer mind, step on outside yer own rails ta one side or the udder (ya’awl knows ya git runned over standin in the middle), and leave ’em a comment er two.  And Hay, it really is ok with me if’n ya’awl, whoops I mean everyone, tells ’em that Ewe reely, REALLY, like their substitutiuns!

I guess what I’m attemptin ta say here is, we’awl, including myself, can look forward to alittle more diversity and allot more deepness on this hare blog as we all attempt ta progressively move forward along the tracks, all the ways together…

Bonus Section!!!:Fer awl uv Ewes who put up with readin this whole annoucemint and gitten all the way ta hare, I’m addin a special surprise and sharin some sneak preview shots of the soon ta be new christened, Old Vagabond Teddy Munster House (yes it’s a distance couzin uv Eddy’s)!  Since these are previews and I hafta honor the Munster relatiuns trustees, I kin only show pictures taken after dark, but ya gotta see this new old Teddy Munster House sometime in the daylite reel soon!  Of course, after all the rehab and renovatiun,,,,, is at least if not moreso, halfway underway……

Vagabond Castle

Ted e^ Munster

at large

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