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Monday Mission note to self: Dispel Myth # 1

February 12, 2013
Vagabond a’travellin in Style!

Oops! Hay Ya’awl,

I know, I’m already slackin on my paid fer and learnt lessons from my writing correspond-dence school, but that thare greetin up thare is jist too downright comfortable and way familiar ta jist put it upon a closet shelf and fergit abouwt it till yer lookin fer your best funeral attire and stumble back over it so naturally back inta using it.

Basides when one uv my all time favorite star trek Enterprise personnel, who came all the way way back from way inta the future not once, but twice to pretend ta be first jist a regular old time actor
reinactin a reely historical important event, then next time actin as a modern day television schoolin teacher ta us, but reel antiquated school marm type ta his Generation up in the future, used a daravation ta my old standard greetin by tweetin “mornin ya’awl”, I figured throwin it upon my funeral attire shelf was a hasty decision and way too im-manure! Soes without further ta dew, I’m sharin his greetin and annoucnin Ewe’awl kin expect allot more uv it from me going all the way up ta his time!

Note to self:  Dispel Myth #1:
I hear it all the time when I’m downtown taking my pictures and looking for the old faces of my old leftBahind friends.  “Oh, they just do this on the weekend.  He’s not homeless! He’ll get back in his Daddy’s SUV and be back to college for Monday classes.”  “Don’t! They’re just pretending to live on the streets.”  “It’s only a weekend thing.”I can’t believe these guys, who’ll blow $hundreds and $hundreds hopping in and out of the dance clubs, hoping to loosen up the skin under the $hundreds worth of  tight skimpy clothes on the “babe” on his arm, think ridiculing the people attempting to survive on the streets is going to impress “the babe”. How does ridiculing someone with nothing, make the ones who have everything feel justified about all they have?  And how does that impress anyone?Each night I come down here, I expect it to do be different and find a group of people all dolled up who aren’t on their third sheet to the wind, gathered around a group of one or two of my friends and trying to understand, so they could see what they could do to help…..  Each night I come down here I leave once again, disappointed in the “young fouwk followin along in my old footsteps.”So here I am on my Monday “night owwwn the town”.  I love going out on Mondays, cause absolutely no one is out.  I can go to my favorite restaurant or dive and eat my secret favorite meal in oblivious peace to the unending quiet that surrounds me.  I LOVE my Monday nights.  Tonight I got absorbed even more than usual so didn’t make my full rounds, but did capture a few quick pics of the usual cubbyholes.  Even on a Monday night, when I ask if I can take their picture, and that I write a blog about the Homeless, they’ll still say no and turn away.  Even on a Monday.  How to make these weekender people understand how degraded, dejected, and destitute and completely despaired these HUMAN BEINGS are that they laugh and walk over, and that this is the normal 7 nights a week, and not just “staged” to make money on Fri and Sat nights for the high dollar, very high tourists?
Update:  The original video was removed from YouTube by
UMG even though it meets Fair Use standards.Here’s a link to where i was able tp have it’s a bit cumbersome, but I hope you can pleasetake 5 minutes to enjoy.Monday, Monday

 (music courtesy of The Mamas and Papas)

Keep thinkin, and keep hikin, Ted.  The solution is there and will present itself, along the trail…….

  1. Hay folks,Sorry I hafta report I guess its jist lookin like, its gonna bea nuther manic, come Monday, Monday. I lost the battle fer my music montage in this story about some of my friends.It seems even if ya use a 50 year old song as background music in a Youtubie video, under appropriate Fair Use; and then contest their contestiun, them thare cor-pirate lawerly fellers kin still dalete yer video without even givin a feller his day in court. Back in my haydaze,, that was called a lynchin and never booded well fer what else might be comin up along the trail. Especiully when yer a little feller hikin way downwind from the UMG cor-pirate Kingdom and did'unt evun knowed they had such a powerfully stanky Hog Wallow. I'm attachin my letter back pleadin fer those lawerly wallerin fellers ta change their hog facin directiun and give us some air down here; on A Face and Page for The Homeless to alert the masses , but I ain't expectin much ta happen soes don't hold yer breath, but still keep a firm grip on yer nose!

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