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Eric: no glam nor glitter nor pics, just plain old story

March 25, 2013
What a No-glance passer by sees.

I’m going to combine the comment I owe you regarding Romney with the feedback you’re requesting here on Homeless in America.  This is the 4th time I’ve sat down to type and lost this, so this time, I’m at the laptop with autosave turned on.  I”m going to publish it on my blog as well since a story was also on tonites “ta dew” list.

To make a long story abit less long and give it perspective.  I’m just slowing down from a 25 year “just off Wall Street” career where I traveled extensively over this “grate nation close ta entirely”.  During my better “daze”, I flew in, wined and dined with the best of them, then worked and watched as the Homeless population swelled in every major city as we, all very well conditioned, just continued to move up and “pass right on by”.    Not to go into too much background, but for very good reason Homelessness never sat well with me, but at the time I wasn’t in much of a position to do much to change anything.

The last couple of years that’s deliberately been changed and I”ve tried to come up with something worthwhile to help, culminating in the creation of my blog last May.  I thought, with the circles I used to run in, it would be easy to help shed some light on this issue and bring some focus and attention to addressing it.  After  27 “purdee darn good storees” on my blog, sharing those as well as other postings on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Digg, etc., etc., and seeing very little response, I was a bit mildly disappointed.  Considering that the 53 LinkedIn professional contacts and  the 73, oops, 72, nope, make that 74, Facebook “friends” clicked on those 27 stories a whopping collective total of 7 times, the dial turned up on mildly to wildly.

Now I’m not the “in your face” kind of guy seeking attention, so I wasn’t hounding people to read my writing.  I was however, expecting some professional courtesy and true, the kind you won’t find on Facebook, friendship to at least read and pass along a comment or criticism or two.  When I didn’t get hardly any, it went to the heart of the issue as to how well we’ve been conditioned as a society to just become “no-glance passers by“.

So when the gentleman was overly critical (in my opinion) of your LLC corporate status and motive for this community, I was again mildly disappointed.  I thought having someone with marketing and media savvy passionately going after the cause, regardless whether it may be beneficial to what sounds like an honest livelihood, is a huge plus, plus, based upon my recent fumbling through it experience.

The reality, and opportunity a Vagabond sees.

Also, from recently coming  just off  of Wall Street, where Hedge Fund and Venture Capital firms incorporated like Romney’s LLC are bountiful, the ones without political appointees and elected official clients incorporated offshore, I didn’t quite understand the concern.

When the armies of analysts and attorneys employed by the Hedge Venture Capital Romney firms to deliberately overanalyze the twisted numbers and underassess the bend in the law, and the miscalculates become breaks, of course they’re not going to be held personally accountable and liable by the politician clients, for their mistakes.  Why, then they’d just be pardoned from prison and Homeless, and we just don’t have any more room right now, for that.

Oh, I also forgot to mention my business start-up on Manta, Vagabonds Available Tamorrow, which was inspired by my friend Eric, who is now tonight’s abbreviated story.

Had Eric not had an unfortunate incident occur at a very early age, I believe Nicole Brown Simpson would be alive today.  Eric is the type of fella, if ya tell him “ta dew sumpthin”, he wouldn’t know that it couldn’t be done and he was fast enough, strong enough, and duh, determined enough to just do it.  Had someone like Sandra Bullock told him don’t let that number 72 touch the ball, OJ would trully just be Anita Bryant’s favorite breakfast drink.

Instead, the small in every way, smartaleck, 15 year old Mr. Popularity in Junior High, made a joke ‘about Eric’s mother.  When Eric didn’t understand, the smartaleck told the joke again.  On the third time with a few more adjectives thrown in, Eric got it.  When the pencil missed puncturing the kid’s heart by an inch, Eric got 10 years as an adult.  While working out at the prison gym that first year, the guy on the bench asked Eric why he was in.  When he told him someone made a joke about his Mother, the dude chimed right in.

This time, Eric got the joke the first time and the guy got a barbell upside his head that kept him from ever telling a joke about someone’s Mother again.  Eric spent 26 years in prison, and got out to the revolving door of jail, streets, drugs, court and jail without a chance at “gainfull” let alone legal employment ever again.

This guy would do anything you’d tell him to with more resolve and commitment than anyone, if he’d just be given ONE decent chance.  Again, I figured with my connections and background, getting someone to give a temporary felon a chance to paint a wall or do yardwork, with my assurance of being there sober and timely, would be an easy door to crack.  I’m still waiting for the first call off my new business number inquiring about my full page Manta listing also posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google for the past two months, and well I guess I lost track.

So regardless of LLC status, I really do appreciate your expertise, ideas and attempts, to raise awareness of those completely oblivious to their unknowing blindness, as they scurry through their Facebook lives conditioned like ants.  I sure don’t know what it would take to turn them back into the Caring Human Beings that Facebook and Google pretend to nurture and to just expect.

Vagabond Ted
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