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Good Search

April 8, 2013

Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!

Hay Ya’awl,

While I’m maybe still fresh here, I’m going to continue to play naive and new, (too many gray whiskers and too opinionated ta be mistaken fer young and dumb ;’) so if this isn’t exactly appropriate, the correct use of “category”, or approach to offer a recommendation (as well as to promote my cause, at least I think I still have one get out of jail free, hall pass kinda thingy, so I’m not asked ta leave 🙂

This organization, Good Search,  allows regular folk ta choose  and support a  favorite cause (insert 401c Homeless Charity of your choice right thare) that they then pay a penny per search/click as folks do their 3 times daily, internet routine.

Since we’re providing the shovels-full of  golden or foolish information to this 21st century cyber technology gold rush, I’m asking you kindly ta please share this on your Blog and help get the word out, so maybe we all can help humanity.  I’m also going to ask “what if ” of the fine fouwks at WordPress to see if there isn’t a partnering opportunity across this  blogging platform.

Thank ya kindly in advance fer hiking along the Homeless Trail with me,

Vagabond Ted

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