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Offed Doorknobs and Shattered Glass

April 10, 2013

Hay, Ya’awl,

For Sale:  Fortress of Solitude, Event Central of a Humble Life,  and a dream…..

The open house is this Thursday, the 11th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
The auction ends appropriately the day after tax day, April 16th.

Property and Land auction

Personal Estate auction

This was a very special
5 acre dream until recently, and there are many bitter sweet thoughts, emotions and sighs running thru these old Vagabond bones this week.  It started as a “what if” challenge to the usual doubt and denial of
pleasurable experience my life had been based in, and looked to be thundering toward that reconfirmation when upon leaving the closing, I was welcomed by the doorknob oft into my hand, and the three sided lake porch of shattered panes of glass. Thankfully the storms mostly subsided and over the next 15 (maybe 18?) years that it held me captive as Caretaker, it also transformed itself into this.

Everyone who found time and gave self there, felt it’s restorative and spiritual energies, and enjoyed the natural beauty it so proudly shared..  I take with me the accumulation of the change in each individual from that very first arrival to their final goodbyes.

My memory will always be of how each visitor left more relaxed with a different and better energy after each visit, and the net transformation and wisdom that grew within all, over their frequent or just occasional returns throughout the years.  My most cherished and warmest memories that I’m also most proud of, are the happiness it brought to those who truly treasured their time there, who are no longer physically here.  It offered that in abundance as it knew, that’s the only reason I was there….

I’m honored and blessed to have been the one to witness it’s transformation from that offed door knob and those shattered windows, to This.  I can only smile knowing the warmth, wonder, discovery and surprises in store, for the new Steward(s) it’s already chosen and is anxiously waiting to instill over, all the coming many happy years. 

Vagabond Ted


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