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The Art of Survival vs.Dee Agony of Dee Deal

April 23, 2013
Homeless Near the Lilies of Balboa Park
Homeless Near the Lilies of Balboa Park (Photo credit: peasap)

Hay Ya’awl,

Sun of my Dreams
R Philip Duke *

Isn’t it great that in these inside out times whare most peoples eyes are glued ta their fantasies of islands whare studio-screened screaming contestants vying ta pretend ta be barely surviving by ignoring the trays of subways, snacks, and bottled water jist off camera, all the while looking directly at ya thru the lens, after jist gittin their hair and makeup dun did ta make it look like they’re societee outcasts actin surprised they’re cast wayout on some fantasy island and all, that we still have real stories of professional real survivors occuring Every Day and ya don’t even hafta pay those unreal cable bills ta watch?  On top of that, it’s available completely free 24*7 in realtime in Every Major Down-Town City, U.S. uv A.!

 In that real world of Real Survivors: 

From a very different perspective I use these terms lightly, “oasis es” and “paradises” in describing places like this one, Sisters of the Road that have arisen in the outskirts next to the silver spooned ass(shh!) of the rubble noted below, for those we’ve still left out there, surviving as society castaways (not bottle watered crewmembers), and have been for 30 years.
Jeannie Lawer
Sisters of the Road Curator
(photo courtesy AP)
They are there everyday toiling and patiently waiting to inspire the minds back from comatosed, so they can return and instill the hearts back into the many, by freely sharing their lifework, passion and commitment as they continue to tend these discarded souls.
Here’s just one of their many services recently noted, that if you let it will truly inspire, and help to once again free and lift your soulThe Art of a Survivor 

Meanwhile back at the forced injection of unreality, mainlined via “Reality” TV: 

The apprentice anti-hero of a celebrity real estate magnet, born from and into a silver spoon designed to feed fish shit named Caviar, hereditarily stuck perennially unwashed into his mouth, builds upon society’s misfortune of that inherited fortune by using that spoonful of fish shit to grease city council members in THE fictional Metropolis cement city, into giving him the exclusive redevelopment rights for thee most opportunistically affordable areas.  Those same opportunistic areas just happened to be where the heroes of our story, professional real world long time survivors, once were able to eek out a living and thus live.  Unfortunately since all those areas have been systemically turned into high rise condos and office buildings that only those with said silver spoons hereditarily inserted can afford, that’s also where the realtime 24*7 harsh cold reality and survival drama origins unfolded to begin.

Meanwhile Back in the Real World Reality of real Survivors:

Fast forward now and those long term reality, not drama TV one episode survivors, some now displaced going on 20 to 30 years, have adapted by hiding or sleeping during the daytime, and scrounging for inedible nutrients in the trashtime called nighttime where the reality TV junkies still comatosed into automatically watching as this self described, made-knot man, “celebrity” (quite mildly used) apprentice, continues his charade deemed to be reality and Ca,Ching! continually cashes in. His now double spooned silver offspring at his side, manicured and harmoneously crowing the praise of their daddy in his very own scripted words and language, just so that self description can continue to constantly spew forth about THE ALL in his mind, that he is!  The eyes of the massses stay glued and the saga of cycles of also-es repeat and continue…….. Can you believe we continue to just be comato-selly expected in reality to REALLY,  just believe ALL THIS?????? 

* Moral of Today’s Story

From first hand experience and highly recommended, it really is quite easy and enjoyable to help out.  Take a stroll to any downtown where the ash did, but rubble didn’t go, and drop by any of the many, Sisters of the Road. Enjoy one of their fabulous and packed lunches or breakfast, mingle and get to know any of theirs and mine, many friends.  Maybe you’ll meet one of the priceless and proud Artists who’s work they would love to display, like I just happened, ta dun did.  The  pic of the painting above, signed and titled by R. Philip Duke, was sold to me at deal of a lifetime price of $10 so at the time of descending cold dusk in Seattle, he could afford to get a bite to eat. As I walked away he also told me that underneath was a second painting he even more cherished, as my gift.  I have yet to disassemble to view the surprise beneath as I’m still humbled by my first of his priceless originals, adorned prominently in the taken for granted dining room of any Homed, that for me now once again, newly exists.

Vagabond Ted


I wunder how long the massively voted upon American Idol Apprentice Biggest Loser from Fantasy Island Survivor could actually survive against a 30 year veteran real world survivalist on the streets left by society to them to figure out how they’ll exist?  Anyone know a blowhard ass(shh)ened Hollywood producer type sporting a really bad haircut, who’d have the balls to step forward and actually produce a reality show based in real world reality set in the actual environment where real caring human beings are just left for 30 years to survive like this?

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