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Sunday Family Sunday Specially

May 5, 2013

Thru these doors to
The Wonderful World of
Sunday Family

Hay Ya’awl,

Back in my day,,,

huh I never thought I’d get to hare and bea old enuf ta say that, but that’s the second time now I’m starting my story with it.  Anyway Sunday nights were special with Mom not slaving away in the kitchen preparing a fresh feast from garden and farm for the 7 of us to eat, just her cast iron kettles of popcorn brought into the living room where the other 6 were already spread out on the floors, stairway and furniture watching the Magnovox, change the channel whoever’s closest, stereo consol TV…

All of us were played out, and always there ready for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, followed directly by Walt, personally pitching his Wonderful World of Disney.  Sunday nights were special, at least at the time, for our family.

So today when I saw Richard Branson’s posting of the 4 women in his life, and it prompted the question for me, I answered his challenge and quickly posted these pics and short introductory.

Wa’ell one memory ledta another and scanning that incredible pic, started me contemplating the universe and family, and how much the simple things in life, like having a home and stove to pop popcorn on, with doors that lead to the memories of that Sunday Specially Familyroom, can mean and bring to a caring human being.

So I couldn’t think of a better way nor a better story about the incredible women in my life to use this as an introductory.

Popcorn from
Mom’s Kettle
is still the best!

I’d like ya’awl ta welcome Kristi Jo Jedlicki to my online family as the new co-author/owner/producer of this website, Tales from along the Homeless Trail, for as long as she enjoys to be.

Her “fellows or guys” at the Homeless shelter she’s the Program Director at call her “Ms. Kristi”, I describe her as the Mother Teresa of Kentucky, I’m not sure what her two beautiful daughters call her intimately, but to combine it all now officially, again please welcome Ms. Kristi (Mother Teresa) of Kentucky.

I stumbled upon her writing exploring WordPress as a host for this website, and couldn’t believe the warmhearted, compassionate stories Kristi was publishing almost daily.  How she lives, what she does, and what she receives from the gifts she presents into the Universal energy, is an inspiration to me that I hope the world soon also sees.  I’m honored that our trails crossed, and that for the time being we’re going to hike along together here and share our stories.

Ms. Kristi can take it from here as this is one of the latest stories from That’s another Story that captured my heart and interest.  I hope you enjoy her recent “Welcome Home” awaiting you on the other side of those Doors to the Family Specially room, as much as I, “jist dun did.”

Thanks and welcome again, Ms. Kristi 🙂

Vagabond Ted

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