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Background on Vagabond Ted

Once upon a time way back along the Trail...

Once upon a time way back along the Trail…

After the baler had left the darkening fields and the last hay wagon stacked with bales pulled upta the barn, my elders Wendell, Orville, the neighbor Claire, or “Granpa” Cecil, would start telling their stories of what is was like “back in their day” growing up in the “Real Great Vagabond Depression”.

25 years of this Vagabond’s work and life on the road is finally winding down so it’s time to honor their end of many a hard days work tradition, and share my stories of friends I met from a lifetime on the road and my experiences from just about every major city across the U.S., as the Homeless population surged.

Hopefully I’ll raise some awareness and make an al dente of difference in this 21st Century Vagabond Calamity, sharing the wisdom gained from new found friends in my ancestors storytelling tradition.  Soes without any moor te a ry eyed reminisin,,,

Prepare yerselves fer a fresh hike of crisp perspective!  Put on yer best steely-toed, most comfortable blues sueded shoes, and hike along the Homeless Trail fer a spell an REELY listen, ta some uv our Tales…. Who knows?

Maybe one day you can now Wander comfortably around and amongst us, not worrying about getting Lost.

Vagabond Ted

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  1. Hi Ted, good news!

    I have nominated your blog for the Most Influential Blogger Award.

    The rules of this award are at


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