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A message from the Man Himself

May 1, 2013
Mark Hovarth @hardlynormal at SOBCon 2011
Mark Hovarth @hardlynormal at SOBCon 2011 (Photo credit: ShashiBellamkonda)
Hay Ya’awl,Today’s story is a plea from me, to help someone else realize, and acknowledge his dream.  This story is also as real and true as they get.  In fact, it’s so real and true, you don’t evun hafta take my word fer it, Ewe kin instead catch it fer yerself on Invisible People TV.

THE Storee:

+Mark Horvath has lived the American dream forwards, backwards, and inbetween and is now blazing forward, full speed ahead once again.  His story is astonishing and his work is legendary to anyone who doesn’t happen ta be a no-glance passerby. In 3 years he’s had more impact raising the awareness of the Homeless crisis, then the impact of all the baby kissing from these past election cycles than the new Pope, old Pope, Mitt, and Bacharach combined!   

The Message: (his personal plea)

More of the Storee:

Maria’s former Ahhnold

He has also personally lifted as many of his and my friends from those dark forgotten alleys and from under the overpasses as anyone ever could, except maybe if Maria had caught Arnold 20 years ago and thus put her Conan to some useful, good Catholic penance work.

The video below that Mark is recommending is the best shot of really shining a spotlight on this Vagabond (Homeless) calamity, getting it in front of a national mainstream audience, on the 6 o’clock news, and may even be noteworthy enough to force a mention on unfairly imbalanced, Fox too.

The Video Campaign

Bill O'Reilly
Don’t ya jist love
print media and not havin
ta listen ta this??

I’ve donated what I can to support this effort because I know first hand the misconception and blinded convenience conditioned into our 20 year upwardly mobile technological revolution and Clinton economic miracle society prior to the Bush frat party debacle and hangover sequel that even gave Bill O’Reilly a perennial migrane. So here is my personal plea to add to the chorus and a challenge to all readers, family, former friend or foe, to please read below and RESPOND to this!

The Vagabond Ted Manure Gloves Off Challenge:

If’n I kin git the sum total from all my loyal readers, as well as those secretionally reedin this posting from my group uv Anonymous better than art thous still hiding bahind that narcissistic scum sucking leech’s butt, ta contribute a mere $1 in total ta each of my last dimes ($25), I’ll take the summer crash coarse frum that thare writtin correspond-dence school Ima tryin ta git back into and quit a’writtin liek this!

Periodista Anderson Cooper rescate nino haitiano
Periodista Anderson Cooper rescate nino haitiano (Photo credit: pics)

HELL, I’ll even volunteer ta designate my Anderson Cooper Priced Watersports House of Accountancy firm ta tally the pitchin in, in confidentiul reality.  After they’re dun toilin in complete obscurity, I’ll evun record the video uv them prancin right in front uv the camera cross the stage ta expect an award and report ta ya’awl the total received, along with the proper four hundred and twenty, 401(c) forms ya’awl will bea needing to avoid a friendly IRS raid! (I already know this ain’t gonna make that thare awards show and the only way I could git the Anderson Cooper Priced Watersports bois ta dew the countin was ta promise I’d record their prance).

Now, how’s that fer the deal from my lifetime disgraced, as yer favorite disguarded face, from the one and only insanely original,
Vagabond Ted?
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